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100% tailored to you training programs, nutrition advice, delicious meal plans, body tracking, accountability and motivation with weekly check-in's from your PT will keep you on track and smashing your goals!

NDIS Registered Provider
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KAFit has teamed up with local women owns businesses to bring your the 12-Week KAfit Reboot.

This is 12 weeks completely dedicated to your mental, emotional and physical well-being.
Making improvements in all aspects to reboot your system and have your showing up as your higher self.
This program starts the 27th May 2023.

Register now.

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We know that life can get busy, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Physical exercise and good nutrition can certainly play a huge part in how we handle those times.

We work with accredited dietitian Agnieszka Cichosz, whose functional and integrative dietition measures help make it easy to get the most out of your nutrition and achieving your overall health and fitness goals!

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