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Dramatic Sunset

Bring the Sunshine Program

Learn how to leave the storm and 'bring the sunshine' into your life.


"People are born and raised with different values, mindsets, instilled habits and generational trauma and then we go out into the big, wide world where we can sustain damage from 'weathering storms' as we learn how to navigate life. Those foundations we were raised on then influence us to respond to these events in a certain way. A lot of the time this then begins to hold us back from accomplishing our greatest dreams and living as the best versions of ourselves."
- Kimberley Anne

Be coached by Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Kimberley Anne

(As well as a Diploma of Mental Health)


Mindset coaching and counselling is a direct and powerful way to get support in identifying the behaviours, habits and roadblocks that stop you from being the ultimate version of yourself. 

While coaching with Kim you'll overcome these mental blocks, shift your mindset and remove the barriers standing between you and your goals.


Mindset coaching helps people find, acknowledge and unearth how these negative mindsets, habits and behaviours came about that they have grown so accustomed to. Once they have identified these negative mindsets, habits and behaviours, they can then begin the process of changing their lives around to overcome and start bringing the sunshine!

This coaching will cover

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