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Changing the way mental health support is delivered.
For the better.

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Changing the way mental health support is delivered. For the better.

We believe in harnessing the natural synergy between physical activity and human connection to improve individual mental health and the delivery of mental health support.

We are a diverse team of qualified Health and Well-being coaches. These coaches include qualified Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, certified Personal Trainers, Swim Coaches or Sports Scientists with extra qualifications in physical and intellectual disability training and/or Trauma Informed Coach.

Kimberley Anne Fit is dedicated to fostering mental and physical well-being through our 5 powerful pillars:


We educate about the benefits physical exercise has on mental health and promote healthy living for everybody regardless of their abilities.

Social Connection

Support and encourage social connections to a demographic that may have previously dismissed doing therapy based on its delivery.


Use innovative practices to change the delivery of mental health support for the better.


Collaborate with businesses and individuals and make a greater impact on improving the physical and mental health of our communities.


We celebrate the improvement of physical and mental health in individuals in our communities through event's, awards and recognition.

Explore our services and see why we're taking mental health support delivery into our own hands.


Kimberley Anne Fit is striding towards brighter horizons, creating a network of support nurturing not just bodies, but hearts and minds too.

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