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"Whatever you're not changing, you're choosing!"

Make healthy and real changes to your mind and body now!
In just 28 days, you can break old habits and start new ones.

All you need is the 28 Day Healthy Weight Loss Bundle.

  • The 28 Days to Healthy Weight Loss eBook 

  • Home and Gym based Weight Loss Training Program 

  • Progress Diary 

  • Low Carb Recipe Pack 

  • High Protein Recipe Pack 

  • Treats Recipe Collection 



Jess B


This program is so easy to follow. All the information is right there! You will get results if you follow this program and you will gain a better relationship with food and motivation to exercise.




I can not believe this is my body now!
It still blows me away when I look in the mirror! The program works! It's so informative and easy to follow.




I've tried so many different diets, training plans, and weight loss gimmicks that I was starting to lose hope.
I found Kimberley and her training style is great! I can understand it all and the information she shares is wonderful! You definitely get more than your money's worth with the 28 Day weight loss bundle!

About Your Trainer

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going"

Kimberley has been a PT for over 8 years now and changed the lives of so many men and women who simply just didn't have the right process to follow.
Knowledge is power and if you have all the information then the correct process is easy to follow.

Kim talks often about "habits" and what it takes to make and break them! She'll teach you how to make these big changes for yourself.

This informative weight loss bundle is packed full of information!
You'll get everything you need to start making serious, long-term changes to your body and your mind.
- Get off the fad diet train and start eating real food.
- Stop wasting hours just doing cardio.
- Start building a strong and confident mind and body!

Personal Trainer





When they say you just need the right process to follow, they mean it.
It's such a great and easy program to follow and after every 28 days, you simply reset and start all over again at your new body weight. For long-term results, this is the program you've been looking for.




I’ve followed Kim's 28 Days to Healthy Weight Loss eBook and gym based training plan for the last 3 months and I couldn't be happier! Each month I've been able to adjust my calories and I have such a good relationship with food now. Kim's given me so much knowledge, it’s put me back in control and loving my body!




It’s true what they say “Knowledge is power!” The more I learn about my body and the more I listen to it the better it becomes. Your only competition is who you were yesterday.

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