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Two Friends at the Beach

KAfit Presents The

8 Week Booty Challenge

Be in the running to win 4 x PT sessions with Kimberley herself!
As well as a personally design progression program to assist you with continuing your strength and booty growth.

​What You'll Get:

  • Gym Base Glute Focused 8 Week Training Program Emailed Straight To You, No Waiting! Train At Any Gym!

  • Includes Upper Body Days to Shape and Tone a Sexy Physic.

  • 8 BBL Group Sessions.

  • 3 Pack of Booty Bands.

  • KAfit Water Bottle.

  • High Protein Recipe Book With 54 Recipes & Meal Plan.

  • Private Facebook Group With Full Trainer Interaction.

  • Form Cue Videos.

  • Calorie Calculator and Nutrition Support.

  • Education on Glute Anatomy

  • Injury Prevention, Warm-ups & Cool-downs.

  • Training Tips & So Much More!

8 Week Booty #2 dated.png

About Your Trainer
Kimberley Anne

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going"

I have been a PT for over 8 years now and changed the lives of so many men and women who simply just don't have the right process to follow.
Knowledge is power and if you have all the information then the correct process is easy to follow.

In this 26 page PDF, you'll not only train hard with a full body split but you'll have access to fitness education, nutritional information, training tips and so much more!

You'll also receive a massive high protein recipe book full of delicious meal ideas from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as a suggested meal planner to really keep you on track and the booty gains coming!

54 recipes will have you spoilt for choice!

Learn proper technique and form with the supportive and full trainer interactive private Facebook group.

Videos posted with in-depth explanations, form cues, do's and don't and all the reasons why to help you make the most of each movement!

You'll finish the 8 weeks with not only some serious booty gains but having gained a lot of knowledge too!

If you're looking to make some sexy changes to your body this year then this challenge is for you.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better there is a heap of cash up for grabs too!

- Sexy Body

- Strong, Full Glutes

- And have the chance to level up with PT sessions and a progression program for the winner!




I have been seeing Kim for a little over 6 months. She has helped to not only sculpt my body but more importantly has helped to give me confidence in the gym and in day to day life. My physical and mental health has improved so much since I started seeing Kim, I would recommend her to anyone




I was always self conscious with my cellulite and extra fat on my booty. I am now the most confident as it’s slowly turning into muscle gains.

Kim has helped me along my journey and being the most amazing support.

I never liked exercising until training with Kim, now it’s my favourite part of the day.




Kim knows her stuff!

Even at my heaviest I still didnt have a nice butt.

But now I'm at goal weight and with my dream butt.

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