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Grow Your Capacity!

Our qualified exercise physiologist can work with higher-risk clients and tailor exercise programs to help grow your capacity and mobility.

Exercise Physiology

From injury rehabilitation, medical conditions, and disabilities to performance our Exercise Physiologists can develop exercise programs for high-risk clients with existing or at a risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or injuries. 

The Exercise Physiologist performs screening and risk analysis to ensure safe and appropriate exercise and physical activity intervention. With a focus on exercise prescription, function, advice, support and positive lifestyle changes and behaviours you'll be able to enjoy your capacity increasing safely.

All clients are provided with an initial assessment and regular program reviews to ensure they get the best outcomes, reach their goals, and remain engaged with their program.

Sessions are held at FitStop Idalia


  • Physical assessments

  • Assess cardiovascular function, flexibility, strength, and exercise risk

  • Educate and support high-risk clients

  • Develop exercise programs

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Group hydrotherapy

Accepting; NDIS, DVA, Private Health and Health Care Plans



Movement Therapy

Active Support

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